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Indianapolis 500 Race to a new computer lab

RACE RULES UPDATED: All teams are still in the running for the overall prize given in May. Team Kiser is the first to reach the finish line with 505 cards sold overall. Every team that reaches the finish line will qualify for the grand prize. If your team has reached the finish line, don't pull over! Stay on the track! You may now list on your check or SCRIP order form what other class you would like to sponsor. Points will still be accumulated for your class, as well as another class of your choosing. We are making significant progress in our race! Let's keep the speed going! Below is a list of all classes and their overall card sales since January:

Team Kiser 597

Team Mergens 578

Team Heise 552

Team Kinneberg PM 417

Team Capson 285

Team Mrs. Olson 283

Team Melville 276

Team Hackman 251

Team Harms 222

Team Kinneberg AM 213

Team Decker 208

Team Mr. Olsen 171

Team Woolf 165

Team McGinley 150

Team Black 132

Team Trujillo 114

Team Mahoney 112

Team McKee 107

Team Eckersley 95

Team Jones 90